BatMine - New Cryptocurrency Mining

BatMine - New Cryptocurrency Mining

Today I would like to write for you an article about one very interesting and promising project, the ICO of which is currently underway. Today I will talk about the project BatMine. So, I want to start my review of the BatMine project as usual, with an introduction to the idea of this project, having also talked about what this project is and what idea the developers of this project offer us.

The BatMine project is dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. BatMine is more than just another crypto mining project. This is the blockchain application technology at its best, with professional experts in the field of cyber and blockchain technologies. The company creates the most advanced, profitable and fast cryptocurrency mine that ever existed. Such popular cryptocurrencies as BTC, LTC, ETH and others will be profitably mine with low consumption and energy cost. The company has already developed such technologies. In addition, BatMine is being built in Europe in one of the safest and most crypto friendly jurisdictions in the world.
Unlike previous similar ICO companies, BatMine decided to pursue a transparent joint policy. BatMine has chosen a business model for itself that provides certainty and transparency to its investors in full.

BatMine - New Cryptocurrency Mining

BatMine aims to become the most profitable crypto mine of the existing ones. The company combines safe, predominantly European locations, an excellent team, low cost, mostly clean energy, unsurpassed power of hash and miners with the best price & performance ratio. It also optimizes switching between the cryptocurrencies that the company mines in order to maximize BatMine's profitability for everyone.
It is also possible to purchase some of the equipment from the company and produce profitable mining, earning all the income minus the electricity, operation, maintenance and management fees. So, security, low cost of electricity and high hashing speed will make mining much more profitable.

To increase the Mining hashing power, BatMine will use the 55 TH/sec mining equipment at its disposal, which can improve the efficiency and reliability of Mining, as well as increase the speed of crypto transactions compared to the current transaction speed. Batmine will provide quality equipment for mining with the ease and convenience of service to support mining of all types of cryptocurrencies, but mainly mining most of the top cryptocurrencies on the coinmarketcap.

Let's look at the BatMine roadmap. It points to the plans and goals of the project developers, both intermediate and major. The stages of financing and tasks for which it is directed are indicated. We can see what the company has already managed to do, at what stage is in the current moments and what are its plans for the future.


4 quoter of 2017
Concept idea to create an ICO. ICO market research and legal issues of profit sharing with investors. Check the partnership framework with the Czech National Bank.
1 quoter of 2018
Market research, brainstorming concept.
2 quoter of 2018
The formulation of the concept of the project, market research, collection of information about the latest technologies, the concept of profit distribution, the first projects of ICO
3 quoter of 2018
ICO preparation, official document, investment agreement, website, etc.
4 quoter of 2018
Completion of ICO, preliminary contact with institutional investors.
1 quoter of 2019
2 quoter of 2019
Space for the mine, electricity connection, the acquisition of necessary equipment, all the preparatory work, the installation of the first farm.
3 quoter of 2019
The farms are established and mining is underway. The first distribution of profits.

BatMine - New Cryptocurrency Mining

Batmine is developing a token BATM. The Batmine token will be used as a means of payment of fees by the Miners who wll use Batmine mining equipment and will be made tradeable in many cryptocurrency exchanges. All forms of payments and bonuses will be paid out by the Batmine team to the miners in its ecosystem using the native BATM token.


Token Name: Batmine
Ticker: BATM
Network: ERC-20 Ethereum
Softcap: 1 Million EURO
Hardcap: 19 Million EURO
Accepted cryptocurrencies: Ethereum

The BatMine project team is really very professional. The team includes people who have an incredible experience in working on various successful crypto projects. All team members are true professionals who have successfully proved their professionalism in the practice.

Summing up, I would like to say that I really like the idea of the BatMine project. The introduction of new cryptocurrency mining is undoubtedly a very necessary business that the whole crypto world needs. And I think that the BatMine project has every opportunity to succeed in this matter.


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